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Nobody knows better about what fans want to see at a Worldcon than, well, fans. Help us create the best Worldcon ever! Please fill out the following survey form (it takes a minute to load)

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I'd like to see one or more of the
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Torcon III:
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coming to Toronto in 2003 are:

I intend to attend the following worldcons:

Bucconeer (Baltimore 1998)
Aussiecon III (Melbourne 1999)
Conucopia (Los Angeles NASFiC 1999)
Chicon 2000 (Chicago 2000)

I also intend to attend the following local/regional conventions in the next few years:
I am:
already a pre-supporter of Torcon III
interested in information about pre-supporting memberships
probably interested in attending Torcon III if Toronto wins the bid for 2003
probably not interested in attending a Worldcon in Toronto in 2003


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