Message from the Chair of Torcon 3,

the 61st World Science Fiction Convention


Upon hearing that the bid had successfully secured the 2003 Worldcon, my wife Athena turned to me and wryly commented, "I guess you'll be wanting more Beavers now". She is the artist who created and has been drawing the Bid Beaver since 1996, like the one on the left. {Note the subtle message below it}. All bid members, and those friends who have volunteered to help out these past 4 years should be justifiably proud of thier contributions.

It is an honour that fandom has again chosen Toronto to host the first non-US Worldcon; this time in the 21st century. (Torcon 1 was the first non-US Worldcon in the 20th century).

I look forward to continuing the legacies of Torcon.


Peter Jarvis

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In Memory

John Millard, 1916-1998
John Millard is best known as chair of Torcon II, the 31st World Science Fiction Convention, and he was also honored as Chair Emeritus of the Toronto in 2003 Worldcon bid. John was the founding chair of the Friends of the Merril Collection from 1980 - 1990, and he was instrumental in finding a new home for the special collection at the new Lilian H. Smith Library in 1994.

Judith Merril, 1923-1997
Judy Merril was a pioneer of Canadian science fiction and a respected leader and teacher in the Toronto speculative fiction writing community. Her donation helped found the Merril Collection of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Speculation. She also founded Toronto Hydra, the quarterly gathering of the Toronto SF writing community, and she taught many of Toronto's writers over the years.

Ross Pavlac, 1951-1997
Chair of the 1982 Worldcon on Chicago, Ross also wrote the Worldcon Runner's Guide, helping new committees to share the experiences (and avoid the mistakes) of past Worldcons. He also wrote the Chicago in 2000 Bid Party Guide, which he was kind enough to share with our committee.


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