The  Torcon 3 Dance 

is brought to you by The Keith & Gary Show!

Our theme for Torcon 3 - SHOW US YOUR DREAM COSTUME DANCE!!!

The stars of the show - Gary (left) and Keith (right)

Hi all! For those of you not familiar with the sci-fi convention scene in Canada, here's a little of our background: We've been involved in fandom and various conventions in Ontario, Canada and the Niagara-New York area since 1979. In 1997 we started doing the dances for cons only. We have provided the music for dances at such conventions as Toronto Trek, Ad Astra, Primedia and Anime North - and we're still at it! Between my specialized knowledge of tuneage, and Gary's professional live sound engineer background, you're in for the sci-fi dance of a lifetime!!

Unlike the songs you'd hear in a club, the music you'll hear is Retro-80's and sci-fi song/theme remixes - our specialty - with lots of Canadian Content. We're fen, and we put on a dance for our fellow fen - the kind of dance you'd only get at a convention. But we're more than that.

Russ: Plebe 1

With us this year: There's Russ "Plebe 1" who will be taking your requests and schmoozing it up! There's Johnny Z, our Master d'Dance - he'll be out on the dance floor leading everyone in various dances and showing off his amazing style. There's the choreography. There's the contests - including everyone's favourite "sexiest dancers contest" - whether you participate or just watch (bring your camera!) you won't want to miss it! There's our Midnight Madness set - starting off with everyone's favourite "Time Warp". We're not sure yet who else from our crew (Steve "Darmok", Dave "Jalad" and Jeff "Flavius Maximus") will be able to attend - but they're invited! And of course there are always surprises!

Winners of the Sexiest Dancers 
Contest in the couples category, 
at last year's Toronto Trek

If you could be anyone at all in the Sci-Fi universe, who would you be? That's the theme for one of the dances this year,. Which will be a costume affair. It's called "Show Us Your Dream". We won't be having a formal competition like The Masquerade, but we will be watching you and sometime in the evening we will be giving out prizes for best costumes.

Our goal is to give our fellow fen the best convention dance they've ever had - the kind you'll never forget because you've had so much fun!

And now, a word about requests: We take requests via e-mail. Anything along with questions or comments, please contact us at, and we guarantee an answer. When sending requests, please keep it to one or two (last year we had 172 advance e-mail requests from one con, so we're now requesting you limit them) and include what part of the world you're from - and title it Torcon dance request. The advantage to sending it ahead of time is we can do our best to make sure we have it at the dance. And please, keep your requests danceable!

Your Master d'Dance, Johnny Z

Planning on bringing us a C/D to play? E-mail us instead. Here's why: Back in our early days, we used to take them, but what happened was a person would hand us a C/D and say "play track 4 - it's great! People will go nuts!", and we would. Suddenly a packed dance floor would turn into one with one or two people on it. We end up with the momentum disappearing, everything coming to a halt, people being very upset - so we don't do that anymore. That's why we have an e-mail address for you to send us your request ahead of time. So PLEASE - don't bring your C/D - e-mail us instead.

The Keith & Gary Show's goal is to put on the best convention dance you've ever attended, or ever will attend (until you attend another one by us, that is). We want you to leave all wound up, saying "that was great!". We want you to be able to talk about it for years with your friends. That's our plan - that's what we're all about.

Well, that's it from us for now - Looking forward to seeing everyone at Torcon 3! Keith, for The Keith & Gary Show.



Sure, it's alright to show up in costume - in fact, we encourage it!

Last updated: 20 April 2003

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