Masquerade Director: Martin Miller
Masquerade Assistants: Barb Schofield and Carl Mami

The Masquerade will take place on Sunday evening, August 31, 2003 in the Metro Toronto Convention Centre

For any Masquerade questions please contact us.
Remember - "There are no stupid questions if you don't know the answer."

If you have a question and/or wish us to send you any future masquerade newsletters, send your name, address or email address, and contact phone number to:

By Mail:
Barb Schofield,
Box 784, Adelaide St PO
Toronto, ON Canada M5C 2K1

Phone: (416) 699-0479
Fax: (705) 448-1750


Masquerade Newsletters

Issue No. 1, August 14, 2002

Masquerade Entry Form (Acrobat PDF document)


Last updated: 19 March 2003

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