Art Show & Print Shop Rules 

Who May Enter Art 
Priority will given to artists (or their agent) wishing to enter artwork in the Torcon 3 Art Show and Print Shop. Art for resale may be accepted if space is available. You must be either an attending or supporting member of the convention. Mail-in art will be assessed a handling fee equal to a supporting membership.

What May Be Entered 
All entries must be the artist's own original work on a science fiction, fantasy, media, horror or fannish theme. Commercial ceramic molds, painted commercially cast pieces and kits will NOT be accepted for the Art Show or Print Shop. Items using patterns or designs by others must credit the second party.

Fine Art photography and computer-generated art will be accepted only with the specific permission of the Art Show Directors

The Torcon 3 Art Show will not accept artwork which violates copyrights or trademarks or which are judged to be libelous or detrimental to known persons or to well-known or trademarked characters. The Art Show Directors will make the final decision regarding copyright infringement issues, and appropriateness of theme and/or subject matter of all displayed matter.

Condition of Artwork Entered 
All items entered into the Art Show or Print Shop must be in a finished state, i.e. thoroughly dry, sealed or otherwise protected.

All two-dimensional (flat) pieces must be matted, mounted, or framed, and ready to be hung. Framed pieces should have an attached hanging wire.

Every piece (hanging art, 3-D or print) must have an attached label containing the artist's name, identification number, and piece title. Flat art must be labeled on the back; 3-D may be labeled wherever possible.

The Torcon 3 Art Show cannot provide insurance coverage for art entered into the show. You should ensure that your own insurance will cover your art while it is in the show and in transit.

Pricing of Artwork 
All transactions in the Torcon 3 Art Show will be conducted in Canadian currency. All minimum bids, quick sale and after auction prices must be listed in Canadian dollars. Each piece should have a minimum bid of at least $5.00.

The Canadian government requires that a 7% Goods & Services Tax be charged on all transactions including art show and print shop commissions. This also has implications for the pricing of artwork and prints for sale at Torcon 3. It is recommended that you price a piece 10% higher to arrive at the usual return on that piece. Refer to the artist reservation package for details.

Not-For-Sale work is allowed in the Show and will be eligible for awards. We strongly encourage that at least half of your work be for sale.

Once a piece of artwork has been signed into the Art Show or Print Shop, it may not be withdrawn, nor may any conditions of its sale (i.e., minimum bid) be changed for the duration of the show.

Display Space

The Art Show will have approximately 400 panels for flat artwork and thirty 6'x3' tables for 3-D pieces. To ensure a wide representation of artists from across North America and around the world, each artist may only reserve a maximum of eight (8) units. One panel or one table equals one unit.

The Print Shop will have panels for Print Shop display and will handle flat art. Small 3-D will be handled on a case-by case basis-contact us to receive advance permission. To sell prints through the Torcon 3 Print Shop, an artist must reserve at least one panel or table in the Torcon 3 Art Show. An artist may submit no more than 12 different items.

For protection and ease of handling, each copy must be matted or otherwise mounted, and we suggest strongly that each display copy be covered by plastic wrap. One copy of each item will be displayed, and the other copies will be sold from stock. The display copy will be sold if it is the only one left. All sales will be for a fixed price.

Remember that your display space in the Art Show must include sufficient room between pieces, including space for their attached bid sheets. Artwork may not extend beyond any edge of the panel or table. Tables will be arranged along the perimeter of the hall but will not be up against a wall.

The art show will make every attempt to keep all the same kind of work by a single artist together, but this may not be possible in all cases. Panels and tables will be in different locations. No tables will be placed in bays. If you have any special requests, such as wishing to have your art hung next to that of a friend, please tell us on the entry form and we will try to accommodate you.

While the Art Show space is well lighted, we are arranging for supplemental lighting. Artists requiring special lighting may contact the Art Show Directors to arrange for additional electricity as priced by the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. NO at-the door power requests will be accepted.

Mail-In Art 
We will charge a mail-in fee of $60 Canadian (the cost of a supporting membership in the convention), as well as the panel/table fee, and the actual amount of return postage for your artwork.

Artists sending mail-in art from outside Canada must arrange for a customs broker to post a bond and process the paperwork for the shipment. Torcon 3 has selected Schenker as the official convention customs broker. Their web site can be visited at or call Gerrit Watson at 1-800-461-3686 ext. 5263

All mail-in art must be received by August 22, 2003 and must be accompanied by sufficient return postage, a return mailing label, and all completed Art Show paperwork. Weight limit for mail-in art is 25 lbs. Insufficient return postage will be deducted from any monies earned. Artwork received without completed paperwork will not be displayed. All mail-in artwork should be packaged in sturdy, reclosable containers, securely packed and sealed with masking or packing tape (no staples). We are not responsible for damage to artwork in shipping due to inadequate packaging.

Artists/agents who will be attending the convention but who will be unable to carry their artwork with them should contact Schenkers, the Torcon 3 customs broker, to arrange shipment and customs clearance.

How To Enter 
To enter the Torcon 3 Art Show and Print Shop, please fill out and return the enclosed reservation form or reserve online (credit card payment option only) as soon as possible.

Advance reservations are required; no space will be available at the door unless there are last-second cancellations or no-shows. Any space which has been reserved for an artist will be held until 12 PM Friday morning, at which time any unclaimed space will be released to artists on the wait list or walk-in artists.

The deadline for reservations is July 31, 2003. Reservation requests received once the show has sold out will be put on a waiting list. Reservation forms received without full payment will be returned. You may pay by check or money order payable to "Torcon 3 Art Show", or by MasterCard, Visa, or AMEX. Payments by cheque or money order may be in either Canadian or U.S. funds as specified. All credit card payments will be processed in Canadian dollars. We will refund your fees in full if we receive notice of your cancellation by August 15, 2003. If you do not cancel and do not show up, you will not receive any refund.

We will immediately acknowledge by e-mail receipt of your entry form, indicating how much space has been reserved for you. Details on artist check-in be sent shortly afterwards.

One Unit of space = 1 4ft x 6ft panel OR 1 4ft x 4ft panel OR 1 6ft x 3ft table. 
One 4ft x 6ft panel costs 
One 4ft x 4ft panel or One table costs  
One table costs 
$75.00 Cdn or $50.00 US 
$55.00 Cdn or $40.00 US
$55.00 Cdn or $40.00 US

Artist Check-In 
The Art Show will be open from 10 AM to 7 PM on Thursday for artist check-in and setup, and from 10 AM to 11 AM on Friday by permission only. No reservations will be held after Friday 12 PM unless prior arrangements have been made with the Directors.

Artist Tables 
We will have a limited number of tables available for professional artists who want to do sketches, take commissions, just talk to their fans, etc. An artist must reserve at least one unit of display space to be eligible to reserve a table in the Artist's Alley. These tables will be located inside the Art Show, and will cost $120.00 Canadian/$80.00 US to reserve for 3 days (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) during public viewing hours. If you wish to sell items you must obtain the necessary local vendor permit.

Public Hours 
The Art Show will be open to the Public 8 PM to 10 PM Thursday, 10 AM to 7 PM Friday, 10 AM to 7 PM Saturday, and 10 AM to 2 PM Sunday. Written bidding will close 2 PM on Sunday. We will be open 5 PM to 7:30 PM Sunday and 10 AM to 2 PM on Monday for Art Show Sales.

Artist Check-Out 
Artists may begin packing their work at 12 noon Monday. Checkout will begin at 12 noon and continue until 2 PM Monday. All art must be picked up by the end of check-out unless prior arrangements have been made with the Art Show Directors. The Torcon 3 Art Show will not be responsible for any art not claimed by the artist or agent by 4 PM Monday.

Payment To Artists 
The Torcon 3 Art Show will not make any payments to artists at the convention. Checks for sales will be mailed within 90 days after the end of the convention which allows time for checks and charges to clear through the banking system and to reconcile the paperwork and provide a final accounting to each artist. Payment will be made to the artist unless otherwise specified.

Only the official convention photographers and supervised press (including television) will be allowed to photograph the Art Show. The press will not be allowed to target individual pieces without the artist's permission.

Unsecured space will be provided inside the Art Show to store packing crates, carrying cases, etc.

Art/Auction Sales 
Pieces that have eight bids will be sent to Voice Auction Sunday afternoon. Pieces with less than eight bids will go to the highest bid on the bid sheet at the close of the Art Show on Sunday at 2 PM. Pieces may also be offered at a "Quick Sale" price. If a bidder purchases a piece at the Quick Sale price, it will remain on display until 2 PM Saturday, after which time the bidder may collect the piece from that time until noon Sunday. Pieces with no bids at Art Show closeout may be sold at the "After Auction" price if the artist has set such a price; otherwise they will be withdrawn from sale.

Art Not Collected And Paid For At Con 
Artwork bid on but not collected and paid for by the buyer will be returned to the artist. We will make every effort to assist the artist in contacting the delinquent bidder and completing the transaction.

Ribbons will be awarded by popular vote in a variety of categories for outstanding artwork, including "Best In Show".

Volunteer internal security staff will monitor the art show during public viewing hours. Professional uniformed security officers will be on duty inside the Art Show when the room is closed.

These are the regulations governing the Torcon 3 Art Show; however, the Art Show Directors reserve the right to make changes, interpretations, and allowances as unforeseen circumstances may require.

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Last updated: 23 May 2003

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