At the door rates for Torcon 3

In order to attend Torcon 3, you must purchase a membership in the convention.

The following membership rates are expected to be the rates which will be charged at the door if you have not purchased your membership in advance. These rates probably will not change, but we reserve the right to change them up to the last minute.

These rates are in Canadian funds. We will also be posting US$ rates but those will be determined closer to the convention date, taking then current exchange rates into account.

Please note all memberships for less than the full five day convention must be purchased at the door. They are not available in advance.

Full attending memberships 
Thursday to Monday $295 
Friday to Monday $275

One day rates 
Thursday $75 
Friday $100 
Saturday $125 
Sunday $125 
Monday $55 
Discount if purchasing any two of above days $30 
Discount if purchasing any three of above days $45

Child membership rates 
Full convention $60 
One day $25

If someone is already a supporting member (meaning they have previously purchased a supporting membership or participated in the site selection voting at Chicon 2000) and wants to use it to upgrade to a one-day membership, they will receive a full $60 discount against Friday, Saturday or Sunday, but no upgrade discount against Thursday or Monday.

Note that there is no longer a discount for pre-supporters.

Our current membership rates are: 

Rates As Of:


July 1, 2003






Converting to Attending









These rates are valid until at least August 10, 2003.


Last updated: 14 July 2003

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