Child Care

By Fran Smookler, Department Head, 
Child Care/Baby Sitting

Day Care Services, provided by Umbrella Central Day Care Services, will be available in the Algonquin Room at the Royal York Hotel (Front & York Streets -- 2 1/2 blocks West of the Convention Centre) starting at noon on Thursday, August 28th.

A diapering/nursing station will be set-up, at no charge, for the convenience of parents with infants. ONLY CHILDREN WHO ARE OUT OF DIAPERS WILL BE ACCEPTED INTO THE CHILD CARE PROGRAM. The cost will be $5.00 per child per hour with a minimum of 3 hours. If desired, parents may pay by Visa. A tax receipt will be provided upon request.

Juice and cookies will be supplied and age-appropriate activities offered e.g. songs, stories, art, and supervised play. We do not intend to impose an age-related cutoff for participation of older children in the program. Whether a child is too old for what is being offered is being left to the discretion of the parents based on their knowledge of their child's interests and maturity.

So long as we are informed in advance, so that additional staff can be arranged if needed, there will be no maximum to the number of hours a child may remain at the Child Care Centre. However, parents planning to leave their children for more than 3 or 4 hours will be required to return to feed them their lunch or dinner.

Child care hours are as follows:

Aug. 28 noon to 9 p.m.
Aug. 29, 30, 31    9 am. to 9 p.m.
Sept. l  9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

If you are expecting to use this service or still have any questions please contact Fran Smookler at


Last updated: 20 August 2003

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