Chair Update

June 17, 2003
The latest progress report has been mailed. If you wish to receive it electronically, please contact The mailing contains also your PIN numbers to use for balloting on line.

Deadlines for the last Progress Report and Souvenir Book are both June 30th, 2003.

Artists can register online for art show space by going to

For those who wish to post a message to our message board for items such as looking for a hotel roommate, you can do so by clicking on, and selecting Message Board on the left.

If you have not gotten your memberships yet, please take note that membership rates for $US dollar payments will be changing July 1st to reflect currency changes. The Canadian rates remain unchanged. All credit card payments are processed in Canadian funds. Click here for more information:

For on-line balloting for the Hugos, Campbell and Auroras, please got to Please not that Auroras are restricted to Canadian Residents. Mailing deadline line for the Hugos, Campbell and Auroras ballots are July 31st, 2003.

Hotel rooms continue to fill up, if you have not already booked a room, please do so soon. You can do it on line by clicking here

Finally, a comment on SARS. Toronto is safe. It is unfortunate that there was a second small outbreak, which has now run its course. However, there is no risk to the convention because all confirmed cases have been traced back to the initial first cases and all have been contracted at hospitals. The Chair himself has visited the area east of Toronto where SARS was and can report that there is no change in people’s activities nor signs of anybody wearing masks. The number of SARS active cases in Canada just about matches the same number of probable cases in the United States. If you wish to know more, there are some useful links. Got to


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