Art Show

The Team, Eh - an experienced group of art show volunteers led by co-directors Suzanne Robinson and Sandi Campney - will be organizing the Torcon3 Art Show. 

In addition to running the art show at several regional conventions each year, the Team has organized three Worldcons (and worked many more), as well as two World Fantasy Convention art shows in Canada. 

Our philosophy is to put on an art show that is both fun and well-run, for artists and attendees alike. In addition to offering panel and table space, we're looking at having a print shop, some guided tours and an area for artists to meet with colleagues and admirers. We'll be paying special attention to helping artists bring your work across the border. Torcon3 has selected Schenker of Canada, Ltd. as our official customs broker. 

Art Show space reservation package now available!

Read the Art Show Rules or download it as a PDF.

Read the Art Show FAQ or download it as a PDF file. To reserve panel or table space in the Torcon 3 Art Show, complete and sign the reservation form (PDF) and mail with your cheque or money order. OR use our convenient online form (credit card payment option only) to reserve your display space.

Questions? Contact the Torcon 3 Art Show at or Or call 416-781-1051.


NEW - August 5th

Art Show Tours

Try a walk through the Art Show with one of our tour leaders. We've arranged a mixture of pros and fans, women and men, practising artists and those who are just good at saying what they see.

We call these "docent tours". We borrowed the word "docent" from the museum world, where it means a helpful person good at pointing out things.

The tours take about an hour. Like much at a science fiction convention, they're participatory. You can ask questions or you may find a docent asking you questions. You can sound off or keep quiet as you like. Talking about art is itself an art. You'll see docents taking each other's tours, too.

Look for a schedule in the Art Show.

As of August 1st we have the following docents confirmed: 


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