The 2003 Hugo Awards

The year 2003 marks the 50th anniversary of the first Hugo Awards presentation in 1953 at the 11th Worldcon, popularly known as Philcon II, in Philadelphia. 

(The Torcon 3 Hugo Awards Ceremony will actually be the 49th ceremony since awards were not given out in 1954.) 

2003 Hugo Award Winners (HTML, PDF)
2003 Hugo Award Winner Ranking (HTML, PDF)
Top 15 2003 Hugo Award Nominations (HTML, PDF)

A list of the top 15 nominees in each category (all the nominees with at least 5% of the total nominations in each category).

2003 Hugo Voting Breakdown (PDF)

The number of votes each 2003 Hugo Award nominee received.


2003 Hugo Award Nominees List (HTML), PDF (requires free Adobe Acrobat Reader)
Ted Chiang respectfully declined his nomination for the Best Novelette category. One short story nominee was replaced since it had been previously published in 2000. This is David D. Levine's first year of eligibility for the John W. Campbell Award. Your Hugo Administrator thanks everyone who took the time to inform him about errors in the original nominee list. See the link below for more.

2003 Hugo Award Nominees List FAQ

Choosing the 2003 Hugo Award Winners 
Hugo Award winners are selected in a two-step process (and, yes, it does take a rocket scientist to tally the ballots). The first stage is the nomination process. For the 2003 Hugo Awards, supporting and attending members of ConJosé and Torcon 3 may nominate up to five candidates in each Hugo Award category. The Torcon 3 Hugo Awards nomination form will be released in early January 2003. Please remember that you must be a supporting or attending member of either ConJosé or Torcon 3 before January 31, 2003 in order to be eligible to make 2003 Hugo Award nominations. 

After the nominations have been tallied and all the nominees have been confirmed, the Torcon 3 Hugo Awards ballot will be released in the spring of 2003. Only supporting or attending members of Torcon 3 will be allowed to vote for the 2003 Hugo Awards. The 2003 Hugo Awards will be announced at a grand ceremony during Torcon 3. 

Final Word 
The books, stories, artwork, dramatic presentations, and other works released in 2002 that you are presently viewing are the works that will be eligible for the 2003 Hugo Awards. As you travel through 2002, please remember that and plan on exercising your special privilege to nominate and vote for your favorite science fiction experiences of 2002. More information on the Hugo Awards:

Hugo Administration Subcommittee Appointed 
Torcon 3 would like to announce that Michael Nelson and Kent Bloom have been irrevocably delegated as the Hugo Administration Subcommittee for Torcon 3. All questions and comments about Hugo Administration for the 2003 Hugo Awards should be directed to them at, or to Michael Nelson at 

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