TorCon 3 Schedules

Daily scheduling grids are available at the Information Desk in the Convention Centre.

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If you don't have Excel, you can use the free Excel Viewer.

Schedules | Durn Wrong Hourly | Others

Durn Wrong Hourly

The unofficial spoof newsletter for Torcon3 is now available online.

Issue 1 [PDF 126KB] and Issue 2 [PDF 106KB]

Schedules | Durn Wrong Hourly | Others


  1. List of Descriptions [HTML 145kb]
  2. List of Panellists [HTML 19kb]
  3. List of Readings [HTML 3kb]
  4. List of Kaffeeklatsches [HTML 6kb]
  5. List of Autographs [HTML 6kb]

To all those participants not listed here, thank you for your patience and your support. We hope to see you at TorCon3.

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Enquiries regarding programming should be made in person at the convention.